Activities near your holiday rental in Font‐Romeu

Imagine high‐altitude plains dotted with small glacial lakes with crystal‐clear waters, snow‐capped peaks reaching nearly 3,000 meters, and valleys among the sunniest in France, all under a Mediterranean climate at altitude with exceptional wildlife and flora…

You’re there, you’re in French Cerdagne !

Becoming a climatic resort due to the health benefits of altitude stays, Font‐Romeu has inevitably become a mountain holiday destination where a wide variety of outdoor and relaxation activities have developed.

The wooden chalets and gîtes Abaynat, provided by our family in French Cerdagne, are ideally located in the surrounding villages of Font‐Romeu so that you can peacefully enjoy these territories.

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Winter activities in Font‐Romeu

Skiing in all dimensions

With three major ski resorts within a 30‐minute drive, Font‐Romeu and French Cerdagne are indeed THE destination for winter sports in Pyrénées‐Orientales :

Font‐Romeu Pyrénées 2000 (French)

Espace Cambre d’Aze (French)

Les Angles

These resorts offer over a hundred kilometers of alpine ski slopes, several hundred kilometers of groomed cross‐country skiing trails, notably at the Capcir Nordic Ski Resort, snowboarding areas, freestyle zones, beginner slopes, children’s areas, and ski schools…

Need more variety ? Try snowshoeing, dog sledding, or pony rides. Or perhaps you prefer ice diving, driving cars or karting on ice, or a snowmobile excursion.

On the snowy slopes of Font-Romeu Pyrénées 2000, French rider Vince Maharavo soars in a Double Cork against the blue sky.
French rider Vince Maharavo, hailing from Font‐Romeu, at El Classico Font‐Romeu.
Image credit : Vincent Maharavo, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Summer activities in Font‐Romeu

Immersing in vast preserved natural spaces

Visiting Font‐Romeu in the summer means experiencing escapism at the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees Regional Natural Park and enjoying its exceptional altitude Mediterranean climate with abundant sunshine. Its expansive landscapes make it a fantastic playground.

Whether you’re alone, with a partner, family, or in a group, you can alternate between :

  • gentle activities such as hiking, soaking in sulfuric waters, fishing, botanical exploration…
  • sporting activities with a wide range including paragliding, climbing, rafting or canyoning, mountain biking, golf, the list is endless.
  • outings to one of the cinemas, bowling alley, one of the restaurants and bars in the area, or even to the Font‐Romeu Casino.

To learn more about summer activities, the Font‐Romeu Tourist Office website allows you to discover them. A tip ? Click on the Sun or Snowflake button to only see activities for the season of your visit.

A group of hikers walk through the granite chaos rocks of Targasonne.
End of the day in Cerdagne, along the path crossing the granite chaos of Targasonne.
Image credit : Pinpin, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Relaxation activities in Font‐Romeu

Relaxation and well‐being

Font‐Romeu is also renowned for well‐being and health, and it’s for good reason that the only National Altitude Training Centre dedicated to training high‐level athletes was created in Font‐Romeu.

Several establishments offer spa activities :

The Saint‐Thomas Baths

The Llo Baths

Near Font‐Romeu, numerous providers and associations also offer well‐being or sports massage activities, phytotherapy, sophrology, meditation…

There’s no doubt that others, or the same, will also be tempted by other indoor leisure activities, such as gym workouts, squash, ice skating, or simply going to the cinema.

The steam from the thermal pools of Saint-Thomas rises into the sky above the bathers.
The thermal pools of Saint‐Thomas have sulfuric waters between 34 and 37°C.
Image credit : @Office de Tourisme de Font-Romeu

Discover activities near Saint‐Romeu

Tourism partners at your service

Let the organizers dazzle you :

Font‐Romeu Tourist Office : all the information to plan your stay in Font‐Romeu and French Cerdagne.

Bolquère Pyrénées 2000 Tourist Office (French): the official site of the village‐resort with 41 km of slopes.

Altiservice Font‐Romeu Pyrénées 2000 : the operator of the Font‐Romeu Pyrénées 2000 resort presents the station, the activities offered, and allows you to reserve some.

Official website of the Espace Cambre d’Aze (French): activities, events, and information to plan your stay at the resort, in the municipalities of Saint‐Pierre‐dels‐Forcats and Eyne.

Les Angles ski resort : the operator of the ski resort, where some slopes or lifts reach the old village, tells you everything about this unique station in the Eastern Pyrenees.

La Quillane ski resort (French): discover the smallest ski resort in the Pyrenees, four relaxing slopes, and, for thrills, ice diving, ice driving, helicopters…

The Catalan Pyrenees Regional Nature Park (French): the essentials to discover the park, including a detailed map.

Against a backdrop of blue sky, a parabolic structure composed of a mosaic of mirrors focuses the sun’s rays towards a target at the center of a tower.
The Odeillo solar furnace, equipped with a vast mirror, is one of the two largest in the world and can reach a temperature of 3300 °C
Image credit : YvesC~commonswiki, CC 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons